We have delightful news!  Kate, our lovely Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, had 8 vivacious puppies on

Sept. 22, 2015.  All are growing rapidly and are doing very well!  We had 4 lovely girls and 4 stunning boys!  


Please contact us for more information about these puppies.  

Dam - "Kate"

Sire - "Dirty Harry"

The girls!

"Hellen" Keller - At home with the Turner family!

"Laura" Ingalls Wilder - Remaining at Caledonia Kennels!

"Annie" Oakley - At home with the Cooks!

"Louisa" May Alcott -At home with the Barrs!

The Boys! 

Stonewall Jackson "Jack" - At home with the Millers!

Thomas Jefferson "Tommy"-At home with the Yonkers!

"Davy" Crockett - At home with Kris!

Charles Spurgeon - Will be with his new family soon!

Extra Cuteness!

Watch this litter grow!!

"He (Jack) learned how to sit on cue in one week, knows how to stay and wait for his food, knows how to lay down on cue and we are currently teaching him to give a nose "kiss" and army crawl :). Super smart pup!!"


~Ashley Miller

Apparently Tommy enjoyed napping on the tray during his flight home with his owner!  We were told he was a hit on the board the plane!    

"The good news is that you were so right about him (Davy), he is a doll!  Sweet, fun, charming and has completely stolen my heart.  Even November 18 when he was separated from all that he knew he was low key and calm.  His only request is to never be closed in his crate, so I don’t.  He rode home, all 925 miles, either on my chest or in my lap or in the open crate in the passenger seat so I could pet him continually.  Two nights in motels with him en route home, no problem, you name it he is amazing.  At night I put his open crate in bed next to me, initially getting him out every two hours and he has been perfect.  I love and adore him more than measly words can ever express.  I thank you, Kate, Harry and all involved with the process."    ~Kris 

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