**NEW** Testimonials Below!

William, from the English Royal litter,  enjoying his first Christmas with his new family!  So happy for you all!  






Sig from the Mitford litter 

"He (Jack) learned how to sit on cue in one week, knows how to stay and wait for his food, knows how to lay down on cue and we are currently teaching him to give a nose "kiss" and army crawl :). Super smart pup!!"


~Ashley Miller

"Lucky (Prince Charles) is bringing my dad much joy, love and an ease in his anxiety that comes with  the Alzheimer's.  Lucky has been a blessing with my entire family.  He intuitively knows to go to each person who is needing some calming and love.  I've also brought him to the doctor's office and lab.  So many patients come over and pet him being refilled with peace.  They share stories of their lives with me as they sit down petting Lucky.  Once he's fully trained and able to live on campus with our daughter I think he will be a great blessing to more than just her."

~Annette and Camille  

"We love Roscoe and he's doing great! He's been a wonderful fit for our family. He's sweet, chill and just fits his name of McLovin'. He loves his car rides and sleeping on our girls' beds. You did a wonderful job of picking him out for us."  ~Katie O.

She has been such a wonderful addition to our family! Not only is she a beautiful dog, she is incredibly sweet and even-tempered, and a very fast learner. She is still pretty petite at 45 pounds, but that is perfect for us, since we load her up in the car and take her with us to our California cabin, where she loves to swim in the lake and get taken for rides in the kayak. We can’t thank you enough for getting her off to such a good start, and whenever anyone asks, we are happy to tell them that we got her from you!

"When Gracie put her (my Gracie) in my arms, I knew she was my puppy. The hardest part of leaving the day I met her, was waiting until she was old enough to take home. Ever since that day, Gracie and I have been bonding. She is outrageously smart, incredibly sweet, deliciously active, gloriously special. I knew she had had a fabulous start in life; I don't know many kennel owners who bring their pups inside their homes to hold and comfort.

Gracie slept through the night day one. I was stunned! She was house trained in a week. (Okay, she digs in my garden like crazy, but she's a puppy.) She adores swimming at 1000 Acres Park and anywhere there is a dog park on the Willamette river. My favorite time of day is night when she snuggles up to me in my bed. Granted, she thinks it's HER bed and tends to take up more space than I do, but I love how she pushes up against my back. And yet, when she needs her own space, she will move to the end of the bed, or into her kennel. She is so beautifully independent in that way.

Gracie Smith, at Caledonia, was so kindhearted and loving; her demeanor reminded me of that puppy she placed in my arms. That was one of the reasons I named my puppy, Gracie. (With permission, of course.)

I saw there were new litters available and I was so tempted to bring Gracie home a little brother or sister...tempted. But right now I am loving my time with just the two of us. I always recommend Caledonia to anyone who is thinking of adopting a puppy. It truly is such a special place!"  ~Jill O. (who has a pup from Jenny's Western litter)

"Wanted to write you and let you know how much we're enjoying John Wayne (Western Litter) -- now named Bode.

He's an amazing dog and family member." -The Heins

"I just wanted to update you on Sig. He's become an amazing service dog. He works hard and plays just as hard. He's learned the difference between playing with me and playing with my boys. He loves to travel with me and we recently took a road trip to San Antonio and stopped in Marfa. We did the San Antonio river walk which as nervous as I was with people eating on the sides of the walkways and the mass amounts of people he remained calm and never stepped out of his job. He's offically a football player too now. He's learned to sit and shake hands with people. He's loved almost everywhere we go. People always ask about him and he's a great ambassador for the breed.  He's been doing very well on backpacking with his ruffwear pack. And during this summer he allowed me to put shoes on him so his paws didn't burn. He wears them when we hike in the mountains here and he's all around just so easy going, patient, gentle and loving."  ~Aimee

"Maggie (from the Famous People litter) is the best dog and the absolute love of our lives, next to our Daughter. She has been everything and more than we expected. We are forever grateful to you for her!" ~Michelle

"Finding Gracie and Caledonia Kennels has changed our lives forever.  We have two of their pups!  My two kids and I love a full active and loving life and adding the puppies to our lives has enriched every aspect beyond belief. They say goodbye to the kids at the school bus and wait for them excitedly and loyally at the same spot every day!  


We were blessed with Zoey (Anne) from the Jane Austen litter on December 11, 2014.  We got to pick up our 'Anne' on Valentines Day and we called her Zoey. 


We had an aging English cream at home, pearl, and it was our hope to make Pearl's last years more lively!  This was the best therapy for Pearl!  Zoey was gentle, loving, cuddly and took to Pearl like family.  We lost Pearl at the age of 12 in April, 2016. We were all devastated as she shared so many life moments with us. Zoey was the most sad as she lost her best friend. A week later I called Gracie and said can we get another Caledonia puppy!  Zoey needs a friend. 


In September 2016 the Little House litter was born and 'Carrie' was ours. We brought Carrie home just before Thanksgiving we call her IZZY!  She is chill and mellow with some sassiness to her. She and Zoey are actual sisters. They have Bonnie mom and Charlie dad.   They play and cuddle and frolic. They are smart, obedient, silly, sweet, loving and gracious. 


Thank you Gracie and Caledonia for making our lives special with these pups!"    ~Erin Moone

JA litter.jpg

"Izzy and Zoey are perfection!"

This is Misty's puppy! 


"The sweetest! Playful, curious, but cautious. She’s still a snuggler!  She’s great with new people and dogs.  I don’t think I would ever get a different breed or a dog from a different breeder. Thank you so much!!"


Just wanted to say thank you again for bringing Bennie (Kringle) into our lives. He is such an amazing boy. He has lost most of his puppy teeth and he is a real outdoorsman!

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